Saturday, March 26, 2016

Delivered To Your Door

All these persons, sitting alone and isolated in their little houses have no idea that the world is falling apart. They seem shielded. That way, they do not understand what is really going on. The system delivers money and material things, right to their door; so, they cannot see reality. They believe that everything is fine. Everything is fine, but that is  because an efficient system delivers just exactly that appearance.
     So, it's an appearance; everything seems OK. But how do we know that everything is going to be OK? In fact, there may be evidence to the contrary, but a nice big door locks. It blocks their home at the front door.
     The money they have is (of course) made through international trade—the subjection of other peoples through U. S. imperialism, which has been a very successful system, successfully delivering the world into "globalization." It was an old plan, and this has been supported, since the second world war, through a maze of military bases whose value is now being questioned, at least occasionally, by various persons.
     The U. S. thinks it can dominate the whole world, but should you think that everything is going to be OK, what does that mean? It is to say that you don’t see any evidence of that, any contrary evidence. No. Not in your isolated ‘little’ or 'medium' or 'big' house.

You do not even read the newspaper that is delivered to you and that bumps against the bottom of your outside door.