Saturday, February 15, 2014

Lemme see... 10/21/13 is when I started this, and I lost interest immediately. So, only today did I accidentally encounter a blog called "Jack" with one post. So I clicked. It is mine. 
I recall that I was disappointed. when I created JackSilverman "Pontificates" but left the consonant out, between the two "i"s. I committed a misspelling. I was crushed. Not only crushed, I was also crunched. It was bad, lemme tell you:  'Pontiicates' looked like a disaster, I didn't like the "word." I did NOT think that it WAS a word.

But now I have returned, like a humbled dog. I am too lazy to do it all over, so I am going to keep it. This address seems to be something like:   ...  Ugh!! So terrible/bad!  Hey!!! Where is that "spellcheck" thing when you really need it? Nobody told me it would not be there! It is never as it seems, to me, to be.

Now I pause to thank Bill Gates. Give us the "spellcheck" service in the foist place and THEN they YANK it out from under us. I tell you, Bill, you act just like a banker, who tells a client the client is really being served. The banker is helping you, buddy. Oh hell, I am thoroughly disgusted. Why didn't "spellcheck" work for the blog name? THere are other blogs I made that show up on blogspot as well, but don't look at the anti-Bush things because it seemed wrong. I wanted to get rid of it, but I could not get into that blog (which I now do not want to even name but that means you will never see it and I just AKS'D Ya to see it. Grrrrrrrrr......... Cannot get in anymore to unnamed blog anymore. Due to more software problems.

I AM a problem. And my girlfriend wouldn't have it any other way. Well, good luck, America, why don't you start a bank!???

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