Thursday, May 7, 2015

Choice of brand distinguished from choice of product.

Giving customers the opportunity to engage and interact with a product or service is the most powerful way to win brand loyalty. AgencyEA strategically engages consumers in their natural environments to establish deep brand connections. From mobile tours and product launches to local activations and product sampling, our B-to-C engagement solutions communicate brand attributes at every touch point. - See more at:

Every sentence has the word "brand" in it. But I would prefer to see the products disaggregated, so to speak. Not so unlike many others, I would describe the major point of capitalism as free markets and also the "freedom to choose." But this quote above actually illustrates a practice that is not so good for capitalism. This means "EA" (an agency) is a capitalist business working against capitalism.
     But that should come as no surprise: Persons need to earn a living, right? If they do, and if they operate within capitalism -- and to some degree they have to operate within the world they live in, which is capitalism -- they may do it as they like. There is no rule that says they have to do so in a way that corresponds to capitalism or in a way that, in a sense, does not correspond to the host system. So they can act as they wish. But in any case, the intent of the "EA" agency may not be in accord with the best interests of an economic system validly getting its vitality from real choice.
     This is the simple reason, which can be easily enough grasped. If it were a market system, it should allow the consumers the choices they need. Should they want to choose by product, rather than brand, should they be able to? Here is an agency working for the whole brand. Does this maximize consumer/customer choice? Whereas consumers should have choice of products, this company (agency) wants to produce a choice of brand.
     This is found by just reading the agency's language: In the first sentence: "brand loyalty" ; In the second: "brand connections" ; In the third there are all kinds of exotic concepts like "tours," "launches," "activations," and "sampling" in order to engage "C," which may indicate customers (or consumers). But engage them how? They are being directed to the whole brand, obviously and that seems not at all the same as being directed to a product.

This does not mean the "EA" agency will be successful at limited our choices to brands, only that this is where they seem to be going--this is the intent of the business, their policy. It does not seem to me to be in line with the fundamental vitality of capitalism, or, in other words, capitalism's best interests.
What the public, or "C" actually need is free choice of products. "Brand" is one step removed from the best interests of consumers in a dynamic (or "actual") free market system.

(readers should also see Iyengar's excellent book on this, and on all matters regarding "choice," apparently, called "The Art of Choosing," published by the "12" imprint of Hatchette Publisher)

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